Hungry Like The Wolf

By / June 16, 2010 / 2010 Season

This should prove interesting. The New York Mets and the New York Yankees have both won their first game in crucial series for the Mets. Yes the Yanks-Phillies series is important for the Mets season. Should the Mets keep winning, if the Yanks sweep the Phils, the Mets will continue to distance themselves from them.

Now if the Mets and Yanks both sweep their respective opponents, then the Subway Series should be quite exciting.

As fans of baseball, or any sport for that matter, we always talk about momentum, adrenaline. It is huge in a crucial series. Usually whoever has the greater momentum is the one who is favored to win.

So if either team sweeps or takes two out of three, who has the greater momentum? Who will be the favorite in the Subway Series in the Bronx? What becomes the new premise of judgement?

We talk power bats. We can talk pitching. We can talk defense. I would rather talk about who is more hungry. Who is wants it more? Who has more to lose? The National League East is going to be a tight race among all of the teams in the division. The Yankees are only competing against two other teams in Boston and Tampa.

The answer is the New York Mets. Let’s face it. The Yankees already got their championship last year.

While I’m sure they would like to be greedy and repeat, the Mets have more at stake. After back-to-back collapses and an injury ridden season, the Mets are starving for, not just a playoff berth, but a championship. That’s just the players. We are not even talking about how the fans feel. The fans, the players, the organization are like a pack of half starved wolves ready to tear apart anybody just to be able to eat.

Mets fans get ready for a great Subway Series. It will definitely be intense. First place is in sight for both teams. Both are feigning for the top spot in their respective divisions. This series will determine it. Heck! The current series will determine it. If Atlanta beats Tampa and the Yanks beat the Phils, the Yanks will have sole possession of the top spot. If Tampa beats Atlanta and the Mets beat Cleveland, then the Mets get the top spot.

Don’t you just love baseball?


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Joey Torres

Mets are playing with a chip on their shoulders, They gotta keep the good vibe going this weekend vs the Yanks. Great Blog as always Tanya.


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