Troubled Mets Fans or Delusional?

By / June 21, 2010 / 2010 Season

Complain. Complain. Complain.

That pretty much sums up some Mets fans. Going 7 -2 on the recent road trip is not good enough. A pitcher making one mistake is not forgivable. In New York, that is enough to warrant a pitcher’s damnation.

Hmm. Interesting!

I wonder if people would react the same way if it were Mike Pelfrey or Jonanthon Niese. This is about Johan Santana. This is about a man who gets no run support, but gets killed by the fans for not keeping his team in the game. Oh because 4-0 is not enough to keep your team within striking distance for nine innings.

Anything short of perfection just does not cut it for Mets fans. YOU’RE NOT GOING TO SEE A PERFECT GAME! GET OVER IT!

One reader brought up Santana’s comment about how he would give a bonus to whoever gives him run support. And? What’s your point? Not for nothing, I would have said the same thing. I’ve done it at my job. I get the support. Do you mean to tell me that if you were Johan you would not do the same thing? If you pitched your tail off and got no run support, you would not get frustrated?

I would have ripped the clubhouse apart by now.

Listen here: Santana went 93-44 in his eight years with the Twins. In his three-year stint with the Mets thus far, he is 34-20. That easily could have been 44-10 if he had some support. On top of not getting support, his velocity is down and adjustments need to be made on his part. He is doing the best he can.

What the hell are you people flipping out about? For no freakin’ reason either. Santana is a second half pitcher anyway. You can pretty much count on him for that. Should the Mets make it to the playoffs, do you not want him at his best in the second half? That is pretty much what makes or breaks a chance at the playoffs. The Mets are already in the heat of it.

Plus, did you stop to think that the home run that was hit at Yankee Stadium by Mark Teixeira would have been a fly ball at Citi Field? No. Probably not. You just want somebody to blame for a loss. So the offense gets off scot-free. I mean, why should the offense take any blame? Only a pitcher can win a game, right? Not the offense. The offense is there just for show.

What a joke!

Message to Johan Santana:

Request a trade. You are not appreciated in New York City. I guarantee you that you’ll get more wins wherever you go. Then Mets fans will realize you were good and the offense just sucked for you.

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