Battle Between Step Family

By / June 29, 2010 / 2010 Season

Yes I know this is a little late, but understand I work and go to school. Have some type of pity. Thanks.

You would think that a step-father would have his way if for no other reason than he is the eldest. Well, David Samson wants no part of Bobby Valentine and has said as much to stepdad Jeffrey Loria. Thanks to this little conflict, they are saying Bobby V is no longer in the race for the manager position.

Here I was thinking that it was salary issues. Bobby V may be loved by all, but he comes with a very hefty price tag. After all, that is why he left Japan. They were not going to continue to pay his $4 million per year fee.

So are Mets fans rejoicing? Do they care either way? Well fans like Donna and Jonathan are happy because they would love to see him back in New York. Yet I find most of my readers not really caring either way. Some of you have brought up the issue of the lack of rings he has.

Personally, as much as I love Bobby V, and I am a huge fan, things are clicking with the Mets. Everybody talks about Jerry Manuel’s mistakes, but nobody brings up Bobby Vs. Remember game five of the 2000 World Series? I felt him leaving Al Leiter in was a turning point  in that series. Actually, Armando “Blows It” Benitez was the turning point.

Most of you felt it would not have lasted long anyway. So there really should not be any worrying in the first place. If nothing else, it would turn that organization into disarray because Hanley Ramirez and Bobby V would clash so badly. The Marlins would not get anywhere.

Wait a minute! That can work for us. Hahaha! So should we really care what happens anyway? No. Concentrate on what the Mets are doing right now and enjoy the ride. Some of you did not think the Mets could do what they are doing anyway.

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