Players Association Gets It Wrong

By / June 29, 2010 / 2010 Season, Press Conferences

So it seems that once again when the Players Association gets involved, transgressions that give baseball, a team, or a player a bad name are perfectly wiped away. It started with the joke of the drug penalties and ends with Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano.

I was in total agreement with Cubs GM Jim Hendry when he decided to suspend Zambrano indefinitely after another temper tantrum with Derreck Lee.

Give credit to Lee, he kept his temper. I think I would have floored Zambrano right there. I’ll take the penalty for it.

Anyway, now, after having talked with his agent, the Players Association, and Major League Baseball, Nuts-O is ordered to see a doctor and will be back with the team after the All-Star break. That’s a joke.

Has anybody checked his urine? What is leading to the anger? Maybe ‘roid rage. Who knows! Who cares! I do not think treatment is enough and the Cubs should be rid of him before he kills someone.

If this is how Hendry wants to go about this, that is up to him. I would have stuck with the indefinite suspension. If they really want to help him, I see no alternative. Let him request a trade.

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