Ranting and Raving: No Surprise Here

By / July 5, 2010 / 2010 Season

So the results were in and you Mets fans are awesome. You came in full force to get David Wright into the All-Star game and succeeded. Kudos to you guys! He made it in as a starter. Jose Reyes made it in as well, but as a backup. Considering he started the season on the DL, Reyes worked his tail off.

Here is the shocker that is leaving Mets fans a very bitter taste in their mouths. Consider this more ammunition for them to hate the Phillies: Mike Pelfrey, the man who had an ERA under one for the first month of the season, did not get the nod for the All-Star game.

Granted, he would not have been able to pitch anyway thanks to a new rule that prohibits a pitcher to if they pitched the final game before the Midsummer Classic. It is just the principle of the thing. Pelfrey earned his spot.

Here is what ticks me off a little more. Stephen Strasburg was being looked at as a possible pitcher for the game. Are you kidding me? Some kid who came up to the bigs a few weeks ago is even considered to go? Charlie Manuel thought about it? What the hell is there to think about?

Here’s what Phillies manager Manuel had to say:

I think that some of those guys are Sunday pitchers. Yeah, I think I was told that.

Sounds more like: I think that some of those guys are Sunday pitchers. Yeah, I think I was told that. Yeah that sounds good. We’ll go with that line. It sounded like a line that Lucy would say when trying to get away with something from Ricky on I Love Lucy.

Manuel has to be among the biggest jerks among managers in baseball. I thought Ozzie Guillen or Luis Piniella were. When Wally Backman comes up, he might be considered. Yet I believe nobody can beat Manuel. It sounds like he never even considered Pelfrey. Or he did and knew that Pelf should have been in there, but did not want him.

Pelfrey, being the calm one that he is, replied:

Well, whatever happened, that doesn’t help me get on the team now, so I guess not.

Good for him for not stooping to Manuel’s level. Leave that to the Mets fans. I think the rivalry has just been escalated. What do you think?

Source: New York Daily News

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