Odds and Ends: Beltran and Heat Wave

By / July 7, 2010 / 2010 Season, Injuries

So if you live in New York City, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, you are suffering with me in this heat wave. Well, you’re suffering if you do not have air conditioning. Due to the current heat wave, I have not been able to blog much because I’ve lost power a few times and could not get online. So thanks for your patience.

For the next two days there may not be any blogs because I will be going to a friend’s house to stay there because that is where the AC is. lol  Unfortunately there will be no blogs until I get back home. If you want updates, become a fan on the Facebook fan page.

Now, back to some baseball. There was talk about Carlos Beltran coming back in time for the Reds series. Well, at least the talk was that is what Beltran wanted. Obviously not going to happen. With good reason. Why bring a player back when the All-Star break is right around the corner? Makes no sense. Here, Jerry Manuel and company made the right call. Continue getting stronger and then you can come back.

In the meantime, Beltran is giving Mets fans reason to get a little excited about his return.

The New York Mets centerfielder played in back-to-back games and says that his knee is in fact “getting stronger and stronger”. With Beltran hitting well over .400, he could be the big bat the Mets seem to need.

You can say what you want about the Mets and their current line-up. Yes, they are fighters. Yes, they have made comebacks. Yet our big bat that was signed in offseason, Jason Bay, has not been the guy we hoped he would be when he signed on the dotted line. So we will have a new bat coming in.

When Beltran comes back, there is no need for the Mets to go after another bat before the trade deadline. Just bring us one more pitcher.

The time after the All-Star break is going to be very exciting, Mets fans. It is going to bring you excitement you have been craving since 2006. So get ready for it.

Source: MLB.com

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