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It is great to have an impact player back in New York City. Carlos Beltran is officially back with the Mets and will make his 2010 debut after the All-Star break.

To all of those who have been hating on him, you’ll be loving him when he helps the Mets get back to where they should be. Including the biggest Beltran hater: Joe Benigno. Oh how I cannot wait for that blowhard to eat his words.

So exactly will this affect the outfield of the New York Mets? Angel Pagan has not exactly been incapable of playing center. Well, Jerry Manuel said Beltran will be playing center in San Francisco on Thursday and  moving Pagan to right. So Jeff Francoeur will be the odd one.

Now is that the right call? Frankly, I do not think so. I would rather move Pagan to left and give Jason Bay some time off since he is not exactly doing much. Bay is hitting .265 with Pagan at .311. I would rather try to keep Frenchy’s arm in right.

You compound that with Pagan not having had much playing time in Citi Field’s right field. He’s had more experience in left. Last year he played 146.2 innings in left versus the 44 in right. Inexperience in right will prove to be fatal to our pitchers. Pagan really is not used to the way the ball bounces in that area.

Now if Manuel is planning on playing Pagan in right during away games, I think I can live with that.

Manuel also said that Beltran will be hitting cleanup. Now, having him come in and bat cleanup I think is a bit much. Even Beltran acknowledged that he will have to make adjustments. Better to have him in the number two hole because Reyes might not play. So you place Pagan in the leadoff and keep Ike Davis in the four hole.

Either way, with the offense seeming to have gone anemic, Beltran’s return could not have come at a better time. After all, he batter .367 in his rehab starts. Granted it was Port St. Lucie and this is the majors. I think Beltran will make the adjustments fairly quickly and will be among the biggest impact players for this team. Now if only Manuel would make some better decisions, everything would be honkey donkey.

Source: New York Times, Baseball Reference

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