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Thank you GQ magazine. We appreciate the vote of confidence.

In case you have not read it, GQ magazine ranked the best and worst in MLB broadcasts. Well, the Yankees rankednowhere. It was a top five list. Where did the Gary Cohen, Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez rank? Numero dos! That’s right! They ranked right behind Vin Scully from the Dodgers.

Well, was there really any doubt? I don’t think so.

Here is what the magazine had to say about this dynamic trio:

When Keith Hernandez isn’t sleeping this is one of the best booths in the business (although, to be fair, Darling wasn’t there that day to rise him).With Cohen at the helm, the Gary-Ron-Keith troika strikes a delightful balance.

Darling chimes in on the pitching front, pointing out Johan’s “tall” delivery, Hernandez delves into the mind of a hitter who’s just been buzzed (“OK, you son of a gun, here’s a line drive in your forehead”), and together they riff on the mysteries of baseball, the magic of breaking out of a hitting slump, and then, briefly, just about any other topic on earth—wine country, spackling, the Beastie Boys, whatever. Which is definitely something the guys need to keep in check during duller games. Perhaps most importantly, though, they seem to enjoy what they do, to like one another, and to love the game of baseball.

And that is how you analyze a broadcast team. Anybody can do it as a solo or a duo. It takes great talent  and balance to do it as a trio. Throw in Ralph Kiner, and you have the world’s greatest quartet.

How you like them apples, Kay?

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Sean T.

Congrats to them!!!

We’re very well spoiled with Gary, Keith & Ron.
Ed & Howie too!!!

I think we also need to give Mr. Bukhardt his due as well!!!

Donna Bauer

WAY TO SAY IT The Mets have the best EVERYTHING so this just proves it! GKR ROCK and we are so glad to have them…. XOXO to the best in the business….. WHO’S KAY ? LOLOLOLOL


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