Say Goodbye To Frenchy

By / July 14, 2010 / 2010 Season

Some seem to think that Jeff Francoeur is the odd man out with the return of Carlos Beltran. After all, Angel Pagan will be playing right field on Thursday. Well then if he truly is the odd one, should he be traded?

One fan on the CFoD fan page, Leslie, seems to think he should be so we could get a pitcher in return. Really? I do not think so. Frenchy is not Ryan Church. Frenchy is keeping his feet firmly planted in right field in Citi Field. We need that arm of his.

I think some are jumping to conclusions that cannot even be jumped to. I mentioned it in a previous blog that Pagan does not have that much experience in right. Do you place him there now with your team in the middle of a pennant race? I mean, that is essentially what is happening now.

The Mets are entering the second half in second place. The Braves at some point have to die down. The Phillies are heating up. Everybody is trying to make a push. You have to have your best right fielder out there to fend off the aggressive base runners.

There really are no odd men out. Everyone is going to get their playing time because that is what is needed to win the bloody division.

Oh and kudos to the Braves for making a trade. Thanks for sending Yunel Escobar to the Blue Jays for Alex Gonzalez. He was a pain in our arse. Here’s the stupid thought of the night: Bobby Cox was said to have hated Escobar because he would not hustle. Now, why should it matter what the hell Cox thinks if he is gone at the end of the year? Not my team. Not my problem.

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