One Comes, One Goes

By / July 15, 2010 / 2010 Season, Injuries
While everyone has the “Welcome Back Beltran” banners, get out the “Come back soon” banners for Jose Reyes. He was initially put in the lineup for tonight’s game, but has now been pulled and replaced with Ruben Tejada at shortstop and Angel Pagan in the leadoff spot.

Oh this does not bode well for me. This is all because of that oblique injury from a few games ago. Reports are he should be in for tomorrow. I would not hold my breath. Reyes is a key component to this offense. If he goes, so do the Mets.

For tonight, Reyes does not go. Let’s hope the addition of Carlito will be enough of a spark to bring back an offense that will need to fight against a San Fran team who does not like to be hit against.

So Beltran, the night and beyond rests on your shoulders. Hit ’em hard and long! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPAAAAAAAAA!

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My fav comes back… And my second fav sits down again…UGH Just hope the Mets fans give Carlos a break and dont start booing him after a couple of O-fers.


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