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By / July 18, 2010 / 2010 Season

Jason Bay has hardly been the offense of our dreams. About the only thing he has done right is play left. When he was signed to a four-year, $66 million contract. Four years! That feels like a lifetime right now. A lifetime of emptiness. A lifetime of worry.

The fact that Jerry Manuel has yet to sit the offensive dunce does not sit well with me either. I understand that you have to sometimes leave a player in to play so he can get his groove back, but he has been in there from day one and has yet to prove he is worth $66 million. Frankly, I do not think anyone is. I find it an obscene amount of money.

With the outfield being sorely overcrowded, I feel the best thing for this team is to sit Bay for now. Let Angel Pagan play left and fan favorite, Jeff Francoeur, to play right.

The Mets have not exactly gotten off to the stellar second half start that some of us thought they could or would. Well, the offense is the chief blame for that. I mean, when you lose 1-0 and 2-0, you cannot blame the pitching. They did their job.

We could not expect Carlos Beltran to come and start hitting balls into the Cove. Yet we can expect more for everybody else. Could they be feeling pressure? Are they feeling the loss of Jose Reyes? Well, Reyes might be coming back on Tuesday.

It does not matter what is being felt. They need to get over it and stop acting like a bunch of pansies. With Beltran back, that should help alleviate any pressure on Bay. Which, if he is feeling pressure, makes no sense. He played in Boston. There is as much pressure there as there is in New York. Probably more so because Sox fans will kill.

There is no real solution outside of trades that do not involve prospects that will be here in next year or the year after. So the likelihood of the Mets acquiring anyone is not very likely.

Here’s to hoping the offense becomes the killer offense they have the potential to be.

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