Manuel Needs To Go, Not Frenchy

By / July 22, 2010 / 2010 Season

The New York Mets have yet to start making trades. Yet before they make trades, they have to start firing people.

Now, Jerry Manuel had done a good job until this point in the season. I mean, he did get the Mets into first place and kept them in the heat of this playoff race in the NL East. However, due to his recent ineptitude, I believe it is time for him to go.

Unfortunately, just like Ryan Church before him, it looks like Jeff Francoeur will be taking the fall for Manuel.

Since the return of Carlos Beltran, Manuel has benched the fan favorite. Wrong outfielder! Jason Bay should be the one benched. I honestly feel this is among the worst moves ever made. Bay has cost the Mets too many runs. Right now he is more of a hindrance than an offense machine. Why not just place Angel Pagan in left.

Mets fans I hope you are happy. You wanted a trade, right? Well it looks like you are going to get one.

What is more upsetting is, according to Mike Puma of the Post, Frenchy would welcome the trade if it means more playing time for him. Give him the playing time he rightly deserves. Why punish someone who does their job? Two guys who are not doing their jobs are Bay and Manuel. Those are the culprits. Those are the ones who deserve punishment.

Puma seems to think Frenchy could be gone by Sunday. If not, he will then start on Sunday.

The rage coursing through my veins right now is unreal.

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Jordan Darnell

They are making a huge Mistake Just like Atlanta did when they traded him! I have not forgiven Atlanta for it either, I am reminded everyday we play and a ball gets sent to RF. I have been watching the Mets play ( after my Braves of course) to watch Franceour. He’s getting screwed, I say out with Jay! Bay too…It’s funny how they forget how he carried the team last year when they were in this mess too…
Jordan Darnell


I don’t mind if the mets trade Francoeur. I mean really, he is a .220 hitter who gets cold for a long time. He has fire and passion, which is why every Met fan loves him. But, to say that he can’t be traded is a bit too much. I think the Braves knew what they were doing when they moved francouer to give Heyward his spot. Unforunately, the mets don’t have a stud like him ready to play RF at citi.

I won’t be mad if they trade Frenchy. I think manuel will get to the end of the year. The mets are not making the playoffs. I say let him go in September or the end of the year and then bring in someone with fire. Also, make moves to become more competitive. Minaya or whomever the gm is next year, should concentrate on bringing in a number 2. whatever it takes, get Lee here. You go Lee, Santana, Pelfry, that is a very solid 1,2,3.


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