The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

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The Annie comics must have been a favorite of Mr. Fred Wilpon’s. In case you did not read the New York Post this morning or watched the press conference yesterday regarding UConn and SNY, Mr. Wilpon has given Omar Minaya the vote of confidence Mets fans were hoping he would not.

When asked by said newspaper if Minaya would be back next year, the eldest Wilpon responded with:

Is the sun going to come up tomorrow?

While we are all glad it will, Mets fans are foaming at the mouth. Personally, I’m not going to get on Wilpon’s case for that. He should be giving him a vote of confidence. I have pointed this out a hundred times before that Minaya cannot play for the players. All he can do is bring them here. It is up to them to perform.

Not only that, but people do not give Minaya credit for the farm. If it were not for him, thank God he does not listen to some of you fans, the Mets would not have Ike Davis and company. He would have pulled a George Steinbrenner and traded away the prospects to bring players here.

I have to laugh because you all complained about not having a farm and now that we have a decent one, you complain he did not use it to make trades. You often make me scratch my head and wonder why it is that Mets fans claim Yankee fans do not know much when it seems like Mets fans are in the same boat when panic and rage sets in.

Anyway, Minaya is coming back in 2011 barring a complete collapse and the Mets, heaven forbid, end up in the cellar.

Minaya has made his mistakes. Who could forget the whole Phony Bernazard fiasco and Adam Rubin. I had migraines for days after that. He has also made some terrible signings like the Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo signings. My question to you is what GM has not made a few stupid signings? It is all a part of the game.

Here is the troubling part. Wilpon thinks his son is doing an excellent job. Where are the complaints and wisecracks about that one? Everyone is just focused on Minaya. How much can Minaya do anyway with the Wilpons so strapped for cash thanks to Bernie Madoff. Speaking of which, is he still alive? Ugh!

I do not get it. I really do not.  Well, I do understand. The Post was doing its job when asking about Minaya, but not during a press conference for UConn and SNY. So I cannot fault Wilpon for just leaving. There is a time and a place for everything. Corner him at Citi Field if you must.

I like the fact that Wilpon is not so visible. Jeffy Boy is playing ghost too. Or is he? With everything happening, you have to wonder if Junior is playing puppet master with Minaya. Let Minaya play scout, while Jeffy Boy plays GM via Minaya. If he cannot have the position, he may as well live his life like some parents do: through the lives of their children. Sad, is it not?

Mets fans, you can say whatever you want about Minaya. However, I feel like Jerry Manuel really gets the blame for this season because he made blunder after blunder after blunder with this team. It is so clear he does not know his players after working with them for four years. If firings were to occur, they need to start with him. He is the one who keeps messing up with the pitchers not knowing when to pull them from an inning or when to replace a player in their position.

But those are just my opinions.

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