Francoeur Gives Ultimatum

By / August 10, 2010 / 2010 Season

Rather his agent did. According to the Star Ledger, Jeff Francoeur’s agent has made it known to the Mets that if he is not playing every day, he wants to be traded.

Now Mets fans are split as to what should happen to him. What they are not split up on is how much they love him. Every one would love for him to stay, including CFoD reader Katie Botti. However, some feel that maybe he should go because he is not producing.

How do others feel? Well, you cannot replace his passion. Nobody on this team seems more passionate about winning than Francoeur. Is that enough?

I am going to be the first to say I absolutely LOVE Francoeur on this team. I love his fight. I love his passion. I love his “kick-everyone’s-ass” attitude. Francoeur is the poster boy of what I want on this team. With that said, I agree that the does need to produce. Without production, he really is of no use to the Mets.

Here is what his agent, Molly Feltcher told the Ledger:

We want to play every day. We prefer to play in New York. But if we’re not going to play every day in New York, we absolutely welcome the opportunity to play every day somewhere else.

Don’t you love how an agent uses the term “we” as if they are playing? Then again, fans do the same thing.

What kills me is that she does not seem to understand that in order to receive playing time, you have to give a manager a reason to play you. Maybe she does. Fletcher went on to say:

I want him to continue to make it very difficult for them to not play him every day. And the only way to do that, like in anything in sports, is execute when you’re at the plate and in the field.

Here’s my message to Molly: Maybe you should tell your boy to take some extra batting practice. Tell him to hit the cages more.

So is Francoeur and his agent in the right? In my mind, yes and no. It is a tough call. Should the Mets decide to part ways with him, what could they get in return? Not much. Nobody is really going to take him because he really has not shown that he is worth obtaining.

I think Francoeur just needs to fight for his spot and fight hard. Do not give ultimatums. Just play your game. You do that, and all is good in the world.

When asked about it for the umpteenth time tonight, Francoeur said that he is sure the request to be traded was not put that way. He did not want to talk about it anymore.

There really is nothing left to talk about. I’m here, I’m going to play. If you want to talk about Pelf, I’ll talk about that but that stuff I’m sick and tired of talking about…I’m here and that’s my job.

Can you really blame him? Reporters need to get a little creative.

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Jordan Darnell

He’s too nice for his own good, I know that he can be iffy but who else has an arm out there like he does, I mean seriously! I’m a huge Francoeur fan AND I’M A BRAVES FAN!

Tanya Mercado

I keep thinking about how the Mets kept Rey Ordonez as their shortstop in the late nineties and 2000. He could not hit for anything, but he was great defensively. I feel that despite Francoeur cannot really hit consistently, he should remain on the team because of that arm of his.

Jordan Darnell

He’s too nice for his own good, I know that he can be iffy but who else has an arm out there like he does, I mean seriously! I’m a huge Francoeur fan AND I’M A BRAVES FAN!

William Valderrama

Well like he said, he is here and he has a job to do. I hope he stays, his defense alone keeps guys from trying to leg out an extra base when the ball is hit to him. Thats how dominant of an arm he has. And its not like he doesnt produce any offense. Not much, but more than R. Ordonez would ever produce. LOL. But knowing the Mets they will trade him.

Katie Botti

Well everyone knows that I hope he stays. When he hits, he hits well and his arm is UNBELIEVABLE. And he definitely IS NOT the only problem on this team.

Tanya Mercado

Seriously. Instead of trying to get rid of him, or debating whether or not to, they should be getting rid of Perez. I want Perez off the team so badly. Francoeur at least has something to offer.


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