Manuel Screws Up Again

By / August 10, 2010 / 2010 Season

Why oh why oh why?! Only two days after Jerry Manuel says he is going to find playing time for Jeff Francoeur, he still sits him.

Here is what tonight’s outfield is looking like:

  • Chris Carter -RF
  • Angel Pagan – CF
  • Fernando Martinez – LF

What the frig? I understand sitting Carlos Beltran. Yet, with them sitting him and placing Pagan in center, why is Frenchy not playing right field? It boggles the mind. it is no wonder that Frenchy wanted to discuss trade options.

Manuel says he sees the talent Martinez has despite not being able to put it together in the minors. So let’s just bring his problems to the big league level. That makes total friggin’ sense. Who is he kidding?

So Manuel feels he will only use Frenchy in left-handed situations. Oh because this whole righty vs lefty and lefty vs. righty crap has been working all season, right?

I cannot stand this anymore. The lack of logic makes me sick to my stomach. Maybe Manuel has something against right fielders. First Ryan Church and now Frenchy. Why not bench David Wright? With a batting average of .133, I can see why they want to keep playing him. Let Mike Hessman play third instead of Wright. He has a .188 average. So much better.


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robert feldmann

Frenchy’s getting really screwed by management actually its lack of there of


my opinion — they’re showcasing F-Mart for a trade in the offseason. They don’t believe he will stay healthy, or maybe they don’t believe he’ll mature into the player we all thought (or both), so they’re trying to cut bait, and at this point, he needs to be seen at the major league level.

I can’t quite explain having Carter over Frenchy in RF.

Jordan Darnell

Poor Jeff 🙁 This makes me sad. That is as bas as when ATL sent him to the minors… I know for a fact he wasn’t pleased.

Tanya Mercado

Jordan you are so right. But here’s to hoping that he does get some playing time.

Jason they are showcasing him. At this point, that is all they can do so they can start gearing up to make offseason moves.


We’ve seen enough of Jeff Francoeur. The Mets should just cut him loose and let him find out exactly how much the other 29 teams value his plate discipline.

I’d rather see Martinez and Carter get playing time – they may actually still be Mets in 2011.


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