Moves of The Wrong Kind

By / August 10, 2010 / 2010 Season

Every one had made moves except the New York Mets before the trade deadline. Since then, every one has made moves after the trade deadline, just not the moves normally made.

When you think of moves during and after the deadline, you think of trades, demotions, etcetera. Yet since the passing of the deadline, other moves have been made.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have fired pitching coach Joe Kerrigan and bench coach Gary Varsho.

The Seattle Mariners have fired their manager Don Wakamatsu. Understandably so. The Mariners looked like a solid team, but have not been able to compete in their division. They are in the cellar of their division. They did not stop there. They cleaned house by also getting rid of bench coach Ty Van Burkleo, pitching coach Rick Adair, and performance coach Steve Hecht.

There have been countless others who are on the unemployment line.

So why are the Mets the only ones who still have their people in tact? Why are they not filing for unemployment? Not that they really need to. With the money they have made, they do not need it.

I really have to scratch my head and wonder why Jerry Manuel and Howard Johnson still have jobs. I do not want to hear about how much we love HoJo. If he is not getting the job done, can him. Manuel has made one foul up after foul up. How is it that you sit someone who has finally gotten on a hot streak? I’m talking about Jeff Francoeur. He was just getting into a groove and you screw him over by sitting him?

Let us not even get into all of the stupid pitching mistakes he has made that has cost us games when the offense finally decided to wake up.

After such a disappointing road trip, one the Mets could have possibly taken, Manuel and company should have been given their walking papers.

Other wrong moves? The releasing of Alex Cora instead of Oliver Perez. A mere two million dollars is not going to do anything.

Who cares what is owed to Perez?! Be done with him already. He is useless. He is the biggest jerk on the team. He is self-absorbed and a coward. That’s right. I said it. Oliver Perez is a freakin’ coward who needs to stand behind his agent, Scott Bor-ass, to fight his battles for him. Perez just cares about the money as does Bor-ass. People like that have no business here. He does not try. He does not care. He has no respect for anyone or from anyone. Even his teammates hate him.

So what is being done about it? Nothing. As the Mets continue to crash and getting ready to burn, everyone sits on their arses doing nothing but wait for another season to be shot to hell.

Omar Minaya, as GM of the Mets, you are paid to do a job. While I have defended you in the past, at this moment I can no longer do so. You are not doing your job and I am disgusted by your lack of effectiveness. I am angered by your lack of passion. If you truly are doing your job, then you would have gotten rid of this poor coaching staff. Manuel would no longer be here.

Mr. Minaya, you are pushing me to the point where I will be calling for your job. Right now, the only thing you have proven yourself as is a great talent scout. You have shown you are incapable of making the big decisions. You are unable to fire people when it is needed. You are not paid to be loyal to your players. You are paid to call them and the staff to task. You have not done so.

Sir, with all due respect, these things start at the top. Maybe Manuel is unable to pull a player when he needs to be pulled or allows the players to walk all over him because you allow your staff to do with you. Mr. Minaya, it is time for you to take action. Should you wish to gain what little respect remains for you, you will fire the people who need to be fired.

I seldom tell people how to do their job, but in this case, I fell you need to be told since you are not doing it. Your lack of action has greatly soured myself and Mets fans everywhere. While I am willing to understand your inability to get a trade done to save our farm system, there are other moves that you can be making and have not.

I think you need to do something and do it now. Anything short of a firing is unacceptable, Mr. Minaya.

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Jordan Darnell

I don’t understand why the Mets are benching Jeff. I know he is struggling but so are the other guys and they are getting paid more 🙁

Tanya Mercado

Thanks Edgy DC. What blind spot is that?

Jordan what I did not get is why bench him when he is starting actually produce. That makes no type of sense to me. Meanwhile, he kept playing Bay despite his awful ways.


i think changes need to be made from the top down. but the Mets don’t know how to fire someone without it becoming a circus. Remember when Tony Bernazard was fired? Remember when Willie Randolph was fired?

I’m frustrated beyond words (and I’m not one to have a well-written rant like this), but somehow, nothing here surprises me with the Mets. We hear that the Wilpons have some sort of financial loss from the Madoff scandal, and they’re showing it by not dumping anyone with a guaranteed contract (actually, Alex Cora’s release surprised me) because they’d have to pay someone else to do that job. The poor play doesn’t surprise me because most of the core of the collapses is still in Queens, and most of last year’s team was invited back despite 70 wins (or whatever number it was).


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