Rodriguez Arrested

By / August 12, 2010 / Injuries

As if the loss last night was not enough. As if the torment of a dying season was not enough. As if hearing Johan Santana is being sued for rape was not enough. Francisco Rodriguez decided to make things worse by assaulting his father-in-law at Citi Field after the game.

Now here is where it gets really stupid.

Supposedly, according to FOX 5 News, Frankie was already pissed off that he did not get to pitch in a bases loaded situation in last night’s game. Well we all know the result of that stupid move. So when his father-in-law said something to him, he released that anger on him by punching him in the face. The two is said to have brawled. The father-in-law suffered facial abrasions and a head injury. He was taken to Flushing Hospital.

When asked about the altercation by reporters, the hot headed closer had this to say:

Mind your own [bleeping] business.

Who can blame him? I probably would have come close to saying the same thing. Nosy people! Ah! Life in the New York City spotlight.

Police approached him at his car as he tried to leave Citi Field and brought him back to the ballpark.

Frankie is now being held at the police precinct inside Citi Field and is expected to be arraigned later today at a Queens Criminal Court.

It’s great to be a Mets fan. Unreal!

Source: FOX 5 News, NY Daily News

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