Minaya Is Relieved

By / September 20, 2010 / 2010 Season

As many fans wake up today, they will be reading about the Mets relieving their General Manager, Omar Minaya, of his duties at the end of the season. Many Mets fans will be celebrating today.

According to CBS Sports, Jeff Wilpon is currently looking for his replacement. Among possible replacements are former Padres GM Kevin Towers and assistant GM for the Marlins, Dan Jennings. There are others. Some feel assistant GM of the Mets, John Ricco, will be passed over because he was Minaya’s right hand man.

It is not yet sure if Minaya will be reassigned. Personally, I think he will AND he should be. As I have said in previous blogs, I feel he has an eye for young talent. He would make a great scout for the organization. He helped to infuse the farm system with life.

Give credit where credit is due.

So now can we do something about the Manager position?

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Jordan Darnell

I agree with your post Tanya, as much as i hate to admit it the mets haven’t always been as horrible as they were this year. I actually feel bad for him ( said the braves fan)

Jose Mercedes

I agree with you Tanya 100 percent…. Minaya does have an eye for young talent … I hope he stays in the mets organization as a scout, assistant, etc Lets Go Mets


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