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By / September 23, 2010 / 2010 Season

I have decided that a letter to the eldest Wilpon was definitely in order. If you agree, leave a comment. Feel free to add to the letter.

Dear Mr. Fred Wilpon,
I am still trying to understand how a team that was in second place going into the All-Star break, just crashed and burned. I feel something happened that nobody is talking about. It is fine. It is something I have come to expect from this organization. Expecting anything else would be lying to myself.
It has become apparent you and your son are incapable of doing what is right for the organization named the New York Mets. Due to your lack of interest and that busybody ways of your son, Jeff, I believe it would be in the best interest of the organization and its fans that you sell this team.
You have made it abundantly clear you are obsessed with the Brooklyn, now known as the Los Angeles, Dodgers. While we are willing to accept the fact you were distraught they have left New York City, I feel it is about time you got over it. Citi Field may be beautiful, but is just a monument to that team who broke your heart by abandoning you. Many have felt the same as you, but have transferred that love to the New York Mets or another team or none at all.
You say you love the game of baseball. This may be true. You claim to love the New York Mets. That is a lie. You love the Brooklyn Dodgers. Since the Los Angeles Dodgers ownership is going through some tribulation, perhaps you should purchase that team. Clearly that is where your heart is. I am very surprised you had not decided to move the Mets to Brooklyn when you were in talks to build a new ballpark. Place a call to your old partner, Nelson Doubleday. He loves the Mets. So much so that he did what he thought was best by selling his half of the team. Obviously, Mr. Doubleday was delusional. His best move was bringing in Mike Piazza.
On to the topic of your son. Clearly he has become the Tony Bernazard of the New York Mets. Jeffy Boy needs to be taught a lesson. People are hired to do a job. If you a hire a secretary, her job is to type letters and answer your phone. If you hire an office manager, their job is to make sure the office is running smoothly. If you hire a General Manager, his or her job is to bring in players who will help this team. Please correct me if I am wrong, but you have a GM. Why is your son trying to fill that role? It is not within his job description. So please explain to me why he is sticking his nose where it clearly does not belong. This is how people end up with broken noses. It would be in his best interest if he decided to let the GM do his or her job. A GM is not a puppet. You do not pull their strings to make them dance. Jeffy Boy needs to mind his own business.
There are Mets fans who would like an apology or a refund for this unbelievable season. I honestly could care less. I feel it would it would not be sincere. It would probably just be something you feel you must do. I am going to tell you what it is that you need to do. You need to correct the wrongs you have done.
We could start with new ownership, but that would require for you not to be selfish. I will congratulate you on actually spending money on players. Unfortunately, it was the wrong ones. I understand you are a little broke thanks to Mr. Madoff. However, spending money is still required.
Get a great General Manager. Do not settle for anything less than great. John Ricco is not the answer either. We need someone fresh who has been watching the chaos within the Mets and can change things. You need someone who has no problem with pulling the plug on a manager or other members not doing their job. When that person comes in, keep your son far away from his or her office.
A new manager is in order as well. While Jerry Manuel had done a great job in the first half, he was not able to do anything in the second half. Again, something went wrong in the second half. We need a manager who is not afraid to speak his mind. No threats from management will matter to him. The new manager will not play favorites. All players will be equal. None will be considered superstars.
The bats were one problem. Howard Johnson is loved by all, but he is not doing a good job as a hitting instructor. Bring in a new one. The medical and training  staff could use some work as well. That should be under your list of things to take care of during the offseason. Concussions are a severe issue with this team and not something to be toyed with.
These are just some of the things you can do to gain some trust and faith from fans of the New York Mets. Anything short of what I have listed is unacceptable. Consider these matters very well. It is in the best interest of everyone involved that you do.
Thank you for your attention. Hope the golf courses are as miserable to you as this team was to the Mets fans.
Yours Truly,
Tanya Mercado
CitiField of Dreams

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