Another Lost Season

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Today I find myself thinking sadly about the fast approaching end of the 2010 season. (No baseball to watch makes me sad.) I have been thinking about the last few weeks that have had Mets fans agreeing that change must take place, but disagreeing about what that changes should look like.

So, I sit here in weird anticipation of Oct 4th….the day after the end of the season.

I will be at the last three games of the season as I have done for the last ten years. 1999 was the first year that I had done that. So I have been through the last week of seasons that were fun and heartwarming while others have down right SUCKED.

I have watched Bobby V, Art Howe, Willie Randolph and now Jerry Manual as each was in the last days of what was originally a promising career. Instead, for them , it turned out to be a walk into the abyss. A walk that was most times not solely because of their own actions.

Bobby V had Steve Phillips, a disaster that Bobby could never overcome. Art Howe had… well …Art Howe. Nice guy and all but he was compared to a character from “Weekend at Bernies” and I am sure you know which one. Then there was Willie…an ex yankee- which in this town gave him a major disadvantage right from the start. But he surprised us as he ALMOST lead us into the promised land. (Thanks Carlos).

Now we have Jerry. And he has had constant adversity to contend with…ie..injuries, Minaya, Wilpons, etc.
Change is needed again. The bottom line is that they (The NY Mets) have the ABILITY to get the talent and the ABILITY to manage the talent.

SO what the hell are they doing wrong? As with any company it all starts at the TOP. All of the responsibility begins at the TOP.

So here it is, almost October 4th and we as Mets Fans look to the TOP. We need some MAJOR IMPACTFUL CHANGES.
CHANGES that will lead to MAJOR IMPACTFUL METS BASEBALL. We have the ABILITY, so show us that you care. Make those changes and make them MAJOR. Those at the TOP owe it to us Mets Fans.

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