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By / October 1, 2010 / 2010 Season

As if nobody saw this coming? You have to be completely daffy and lack common sense to have not come to theconclusion of the New York Mets getting rid of their GM Omar Minaya and manager Jerry Manuel. The internet is being flooded with Mets fans celebrating over the firing of these two. and the New York Post are both reporting the announcement will be made by Wednesday. Now, Minaya can be placed in another spot with the team. We all know he is a great talent scout. Will that happen? We’ll see. As of right now, nothing is being said except they are both fired.

At least it is a start in the right direction. So now we wait to see who the next GM and manager will be. While everyone has talked about new Arizona Diamondbacks GM, Kevin Towers, there are still others ripe for the taking. One person who may not be even getting looked at is Mets assistant GM, John Ricco. For good reason. We do not want any of the Minaya regime to remain.

A couple of names being tossed around by Jon Heyman are former Diamondbacks GM Josh Byrnes, White Sox assistant GM Rick Hahn, former A’s GM Sandy Alderson and current Rangers GM, Jon Daniels. Being that Daniels is under contract and the Rangers are going to the playoffs, do not expect him here. Even if he is from Bayside.

Now for manager, Mets fans would love to see Bobby Valentine or Wally Backman. We’ve been over this half a dozen times already. No need for another visit. Whoever they choose, however, has got to be better than what we’ve had to endure.

What the Mets need are two guys who have balls. Having a “Yes Man” is not the answer. People say that me being pushy is a good thing. When people push me, I push back. This is the new attitude that the new GM and manager need to have. If the Wilpons push them, they need to push back. Push Jeffy Boy flat on his ass and tell him to “back the hell up”. If they cannot find a guy like that, we can look forward to another dismal season.

I believe the new GM and manager will be key to the 2011 season. It will  be a very long, stressful and tedious offseason trying to right this ship. Well, that and ownership knowing where their place is, like behind the desk with the checkbook out and a pen in hand.

So what will it take for you to believe in the organization again? Selling the team is not going to happen. Let us be realistic.

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