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By / October 4, 2010 / Press Conferences

The announcement has been made. Executive VP and GM Omar Minaya along with Manager Jerry Manuel have been relieved. In layman’s terms, they were fired. The Mets have declined his option. There has been no word if Minaya will be reassigned. Since the Mets still owe him money, he can still be around. However, he also has the option to leave should he choose.

Here is a statement by COO Jeff Wilpon:

We need to hire a new General Manager with fresh perspective who will transform this club into a winner that we want and our fans deserve.

Jeffy Boy fails to realize that in order to make the club a winner, he needs to mind his own business. Take a backseat my friend. You are not the GM. You have no credentials to be a GM. It is not in your job description. Just because you own the team, that does not mean you can play GM.

From the official Mets statement

Thank you for your support during another extremely disappointing season. Like you, all of us at the Mets had high expectations for 2010 and we did not come close to meeting them. Since reaching the National League Championship Series in 2006, we have underperformed. The failure is unacceptable and we share your anguish…

We appreciate all that Omar and Jerry have done for the Organization and thank them for their time and effort. Changes like these are never easy, especially when dealing with people you like and respect.

So Merry early Christmas Mets fans. You got what you wanted and demanded.

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