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By / November 21, 2010 / 2010 Offseason

Forget what the fans think. It is what is best for the organization. So the new Mets GM, Sandy Alderson, has done it
again. Instead of picking what the fans wanted, he has decided to think for himself and choose Terry Collins as the new Mets manager.

What makes this move smart is Collins has everything needed: experience as a major league manager and knowledge of the Mets organization. At least he should have some considering the role he played as the Mets’ Field Coordinator. It also shows Alderson’s brilliance in choosing the opposite of what the fans wanted.

Think of it this way. The fans wanted Wally Backman and Bobby Valentine. Backman got a second interview while Bobby V got nothing. These are the same fans who wanted Pedro Martinez, Carlos Beltran, the man now known as F (insert expletive here)-Rod, and so many other players that just did not pan out. These are the same fans who were willing to give up Ike Davis, Jenrry Mejia and Brad Holt for a big name pitcher last offseason.

Yeah! I agree! Not the most brilliant minds on the planet, are they?

So at this point, anything that Alderson goes with that is a 180 of what the fans want, well, it must be brilliant. He has my vote. Anybody else?

Not that it matters what I say. You are going to form your own opinions. You are still going to call WFAN and complain about every little thing. “Oh why is Ollie still here?” “Oh why haven’t we signed a big name player?” Never mind the fact that there really is little wiggle room here to make any kind of dramatic impact moves. But you never know. With the philosophy of moneyball that was dreamed up by the beautiful mind that is known as Sandy Alderson, you just never know what you will get.

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