Interest In Feliciano Hurts Mets

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Pedro Feliciano has declined the Mets arbitration offer in favor of a multi-year deal he wants. He stood to make $4 million in a one year offer.

What makes this bad news for the Mets, other than the fact it would cripple the bullpen should he not return, is that other teams have expressed interest. Other teams who have cash to burn. Reports are the Yankees are among those teams, which could also include the Philadelphia Phillies and Anaheim Angels. All of this extra interest will undoubtedly raise the price tag on him to where the Mets will not even be able to negotiate.

While others were worried about him burning up what little money the Mets have to spend this offseason, I had hoped he would take the deal. However, this does not mean the Mets cannot negotiate with him. They still can. Hopefully, they can work things out. Maybe work out a three year deal that will not financially cripple the team.

Either way, Feliciano is one man this team cannot give up on. I love how they still have yet to decide what to do about Oliver Perez, yet they drag their feet on someone who has put the bullpen on his back. At last I checked, you reward people for their hard work. Not slap them in the face.

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