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By / December 15, 2010 / 2010 Offseason

It seems Mets fans everywhere are ready to continue their war on ownership and company. Despite the new regime, they are not willing to give anybody any type of trial period. I, at the very least, am willing to give the new GM, Sandy Alderson, one year. After that, I will decide how I lean.

What I am thinking about is the reason behind this unbelievable amount of rage and resentment for a man who has not even gotten warmed up yet? Alderson is paying for the sins of Omar Minaya just as President Obama is paying for those of the Bush administration.

Here is where many can make the argument that Mets fans lack logic.

From the outset, Alderson has stated there is no money to really make an impact on this team. With that said, it is not like he is sitting on his butt not trying to get something with what he has. When most of the money is tied up in bad contracts, there is little that one can do.

It is a known fact that the fans want Oliver Perez gone. I have my own ways of making this happen, but it might offend people. So I will keep it to myself. However, what fans do not seem to understand is that the Mets are still on the hook for the money he is owed. So I am willing to understand Alderson’s hesitation to let him go. However, I also think he is stupid in saying that he wants the new regime to get a look at him.

As if they never saw him before? Seriously?

I will let this go.

Mets fans need to understand that there is no money. Too many bad deals were made. The Philadelphia Phillies have the money to spend. You will have to wait. Everybody is flipping out over the rotation of the Phillies. Yes, it is a badass rotation. Does it look dismal? Yes! Will the Phillies get to the playoffs? Probably. Do the Mets have a shot? I am going to be the one to say “Possibly”.

Look. The Mets might not have the killer rotation needed. They lost two great guys they needed in the bullpen. The Mets still have the offense. Yes, I am well aware that great pitching stops great hitting. So you can keep your mouths shut. However, just because you have big names like a Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay, does not a championship make. The Yankees of the first five years of the new millennium can attest to that. Hell! One year they did not make it at all.

The 2011 Mets team and staff are going to have to find other ways to win games. They are going to have to do their homework this offseason. They need to find weaknesses. They need to take advantage of mistakes of other teams. They are going to have to play near perfect baseball.

I like going into the new season as the underdog. Nobody thinks this team will compete. People are putting the Washington Nationals over the Mets. Great! Put them in the cellar. People need to understand that games are won on the field, not on paper. Injuries happen. The 2009 Mets team knows all about that. Collapses happen. The 2007 and 2008 teams know that.

The time to panic is not know. It is in August. Wait until that time. At the same time, understand no money is available to be spent. You knew this from the beginning. You all have mentioned it a thousand times on Facebook and the CFoD fan page. Understand that and quit harping on Alderson. There is nothing he can without blowing up the core with David Wright and Jose Reyes. He will have to give up the farm. Is that what you want?

Then what are you going to do? I’ll tell you because you are so predictable. Then you will call WFAN and go to the fan page griping about why did he give up the farm because now we have no future. You all always do that. There is no point trying to please you because THERE IS NO PLEASING YOU. So Alderson should not try to and just do his job.

Stop the war on ownership. The Wilpons spent the money. It was just spent poorly. Do you now understand the difference?

That is not their fault. It is the fault of the Minaya regime. Oh and last I checked, almost every move that was made, was what you all wanted. You wanted money thrown at Carlos Beltran to bring him here. You wanted money thrown at Johan Santana to keep him here. So look at what you wanted before you go around blaming people. You are a part of it.

So quit the complaining and just wait until Spring Training. Either way, you know you will be at Citi Field next year. You know you will still be cheering for the New York Mets. It is in your blood. So let it be!

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