A Dream Will Stay A Dream

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A little girl had a dream. It involved one of the hardest jobs in America: to be a politician in this country. She wanted nothing more than to be among those in Congress helping to make changes to help the people. She was well on her way to this goal being a part of the student council at her elementary school.

I’m sure when granddaddy Dallas Green held this little girl in his arms after she was born on September 11, 2001, he dreamed of taking her to baseball games, watch her play the piano, and maybe even take ballet lessons. I’m sure there was a twinkle in his eyes of everything this little girl would bring to his life and the lives of others. Did I mention she played little league? I’m sure much to granddaddy’s delight.

Well Christina Taylor Green will never accomplish her dream. Instead of growing up and going to college to take Political Science courses, she will be lying in a coffin buried six feet into the ground all because one man wanted to take out the life of the very politician this little girl went to meet.

The day of the shooting in Tucson, Arizona, the granddaughter of former Mets manager and pitcher, Green, went to the “Congress on Your Corner” event held by Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Only she would never leave. Christina was shot in the chest by a coward. She did not even make it to the hospital.

I’m sure I speak for every Mets, Phillies, and Cubs fan when I say our deepest condolences and our prayers go out to Green and his family.

To read more about Christina Taylor Green, click here.

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donna bauer

There are no words that I can write to make this go away. I cant make sense of it at all and every article I read makes me cry. We have lost someone who, at such a young age, knew that the way to make a difference was to get involved. She was well on her way to making a difference and now she is gone. Such a damn shame that someone thinks that shooting people is the answer. We must find a way to stop all of the senseless violence. It proves nothing and always leaves a void in us that can never be filled. RIP Christina..and love and prayers to Dallas and family.

Tanya Mercado

Amen Donna! I nearly broke down when I read the article with the mom talking. How horrible is it that it seems to always take a tragedy to make people aware of something? It breaks my heart when I think of all the things Christina would have accomplished throughout her life, not just being a politician.

Edgy DC

Children die horribly every day. Somehow, we learn to live with it, detach ourselves from it, and breathe thankfully that they aren’t part of our family (even though, of course, they are).

None of us ever met this little child. But in our fandom, we’ve opened ourselves up a little bit, and allowed ourselves to think of the of the Mets as parts of our family — even a stern crotchedy old uncle like Dallas Green. So the detachment is that much harder.

I dont’t know any of these people. I confess I probably didn’t know anything about Congresswoman Cliffords until yesterday. But I know how sick I’ve been over inflamed political rhetoric. And whether all that has meaningfully fed this guy’s psychosis or not, I’m absolutely sick over this.

And once in a while — as hard as it is to bear — we all need to be sickened when a child dies, and if that wakeup call is the last gift of young Ms. Green, so be it.


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