Still Want Castillo Gone?

By / January 9, 2011 / 2010 Offseason

According to Buster Olney, the Mets have been trying relentlessly to be rid of Mets secondbaseman Luis Castillo. At the rate it is going, they are going to just end up releasing him.

WELL DUH!!! It took you long enough to figure it out. I mean, Castillo wanted out of New York last August because he was no longer an everyday player and he feels he can be. He even so far as to say:

I know I’m not going to be here next year.

Bueno! You got that right, papa! It is okay that you cannot play here anymore because quite frankly, nobody wants you around.

Oh did I mention that Olney also said that Oliver Perez can be gone too by Spring Training if he does not improve in the winter leagues? Once he is gone, he should have his VISA revoked. At least this way he will not be able to continue to poison Major League Baseball.

So I will say my “ADIOS AMIGOS” now. There is no way these two are still with the team when ST comes around. Even Sandy Alderson said as much on WFAN:

If they don’t earn their way on the team, they won’t be on the team.

With that said, do not think the Mets will have money to shop with. The Mets are still obligated to pay both players the rest of the money owed to them. I get the whole concept of making a player earn their paycheck rather than having them sit on a coach cashing in checks. I do! Yet if they are not being productive, they have no business being on the team. It does more damage than good.

Hopefully Alderson is not all talk. If these two knuckleheads are still with the team in ST, Alderson gets a strike.

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