Phillies Losing Their Mind?

By / January 13, 2011 / 2010 Offseason

John Maine. According to reports, lately-seem-to-be-injury-prone Maine has drawn interest from the Philadelphia Phillies. Is it just me or do the Phillies take all of the Mets’ hand-me-downs?

It seems his agent, Rex Gary, is claiming there are a number of teams who interested in this pitcher who just keeps getting hurt. Personally, if the Phillies get him, I will not have a care in the world. The Mets did the right thing by parting ways with him. There is no way he would have been any help to them.

Now that the Mets have a new regime, hopefully we will have to worry less about the Mets having injury prone players. Let the Phillies have him. He can be their problem. Quite frankly, he should have retired with Kris and Ana Benson.

This does not worry me. I mean, who would you rather have in your rotation: Joe Blanton or Maine?

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