Fielding Nemesis Set To Sign

By / January 14, 2011 / 2010 Offseason

Remember a particular outfielder for the Washington Nationals by the name of Willie Harris? Remember how he would torment the New York Mets and their fans? The Mets always seemed they were about to win a game against them until someone hit the ball in his direction. He was the Nationals version of Andruw Jones. Oy! The thought of Jones makes my blood pressure rise.

Well that is one outfielder the team and its followers never have to worry about again.

According to Adam Rubin of the, Harris is set to sign a minor league deal with the team.

Now this guy is nothing special to talk about when it comes to the bat. He is like Jeff Francoeur. In 2010, his batting average was a pitiful .183. His career BA is .239. Actually, Frenchy has better numbers than Harris. He cannot hit, but he can sure field with the best of them.

Nonetheless, the Mets have found their new Frenchy. Although he is getting a minor league deal, he is invited to Spring Training.

So should Harris make the team out of Spring Training, or at any point during the season because of an injured outfielder, please remember he is on our side now. No name-calling allowed. Although, he rather enjoyed it when I was there with a few friends. He gets motivated from it.

To each their own. I’m just glad he is now one of us.

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