Bombers Interested In Jones

By / January 17, 2011 / 2010 Offseason

Who would you rather have as your fourth outfielder: Andruw Jones or Johnny Damon? Well, the New York Yankees are trying to answer that question today. Ken Rosenthal seems to think the Yankees are re-thinking signing Jones because of the asking price. While I understand Scott Boras is his agent, seems like Boras represents half of the players in baseball, how much could a defensively regressing 33 year old ask for? Last year he played for $500K.

So is this smart for the Yankees? Well, the Yanks have a bandbox for a ballpark. Should Jones play defense, he does not have to worry about covering a lot of ground. He does offer some pop in  his bat against lefties which is what the Yankees need.

My thoughts are I could care less because he will be in the American League and will have little to no effect on the Mets unless he decided to go back with the Braves.

Well, Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports says the Yankees and Jones are nearing a one year deal with the former Mets headache.

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