Amazin’ Number of Backup Plans

By / January 18, 2011 / 2010 Offseason

So the GM Sandy Alderson and company continue to make moves in hopes of scoring something to help this team out
in 2011. I guess when you do not have a lot of money to spare, you sign a lot of players in hopes of finding that lightning in a bottle.

Well the Mets seem to be on the right track by adding pitcher Chris Young and LF/Secondbaseman Scott Hairston (the latter according to Adam Rubin of

By adding these guys, the Mets are adding more insurance. Granted the signing of Hairston is a minor league deal. Most backups are. They just added depth to a crucial position, second base. The Mets, in all honesty, could not start the season with Daniel Murphy, Ruben Tejada or Luis Castillo. By adding Hairston to the organization, the Mets give them less reason to maintain a bond with Castillo, even though he has not played the position since 2004. That is the beauty of the minor league deal. They can have him work at it if they feel that is what would benefit them. That is what they did/are doing with Murphy.

With Hairston they add yet another outfielder. I am fully convinced at this point that Fernando Martinez is never going to be a staple of the New York Mets. We just do not know how Jason Bay will be either. So we could use the additional outfielders. I like the signing.

I mean, you really cannot complain too much about what the Alderson regime has done. With a very tight budget and a team with a horrible injury track record, you sign some quality (maybe not great, but quality) players to minor league deals with invites to spring training as backups you can go to throughout the season. It is a long season and it can wear on players. This way, you can keep your players fresh. Plus, if some players get hurt, you have quality that you can turn to and they are not rookies.

The Mets got lucky with Ike Davis last year and Jenrry Mejia. They were rookies who impressed. That is not always going to happen. So you out and get quality veterans. Alderson has done that with Young, Chris Capuano, Willie Harris, and now Hairston.

I am going to be honest with you, as I always am. I was worried about the Young signing thinking along the lines of “Good grief I thought we kicked Minaya to the curb. What is with the signing of an injury prone player?”. Then I thought about what we have in the minors with Dillon Gee and others. It will be an interesting Spring Training to see who gets the four and five spot in the rotation.

Have you noticed that nobody is giving Oliver Perez with a single spot in the rotation? Throughout Mets Blog-dom everyone has the rotation down as Mike Pelfrey, R.A. Dickey, Jon Niese, Young, Capuano (or Gee as suggested by Kerel Cooper of on FB). Then what will happen when Johan Santana comes back in June? Who gets demoted? Could this be the year Mets fans finally kick Perez back to the South of the Border? The Mets certainly do not need his services with all of the backup plans.

So the Mets are now pretty much set, providing Young passes his physical. What you see now is what you will be seeing in Spring Training. It will be a fight to make the team right out of Port St. Lucie. I love a good fight.

Who will have what it takes to be a New York Met and who will be the season turning backup? Find out during another year of METS SPRING TRAINING!

Cheesy? Yeah. But I just could not help myself.


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