Arbitration Null and Void

By / January 18, 2011 / 2010 Offseason

The New York Mets and Mike Pelfrey have come to terms with a deal that allows them to avoid arbitration hearings. Thank goodness! I hate those hearings. Well, here is the breakdown: Pelfrey gets $3.925 million for this season with a possible $500,000 in performance bonuses.

Not too shabby for a guy who took a bit of plunge during the summer when the team really needed him to step it up. But I’m not judging.

The next players are Angel Pagan and R.A. Dickey who, as Adam Rubin reports, will begin exchanging numbers on Tuesday.

Anybody want to bet Dickey and the Mets will come to terms, but Pagan and the Mets will be going to hearing in February?

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Brian Joura

The Mets usually bend over backwards to avoid arbitration. Pagan’s agent is Alan Nero and not Boras, so I think there’s a decent chance they settle.


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