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By / January 21, 2011 / 2010 Offseason, Spring Training

It begins on Monday. The preparations for the Mets 2011 season will officially be underway. The groundwork has already been laid out. It is now all about preparing. I’m not just talking about getting the players together. It is about fighting. Who will have the mental and physical strength to make it to the final roster? Who wants it the most?

New Mets manager, Terry Collins, has stated that he will be in Port St. Lucie on Monday for all players who wish to arrive early. Not for nothing, but with everything the Mets have not even come close to accomplishing the past two years, I think every players should arrive ready for action.

I’m sure David Wright will arrive early along with Ike Davis. As early as Monday? Well, considering pitchers and catchers are not set to report until February 16, I’m not sure. I just think it would be a good idea. After all, they have a new manager to work with. Might as well get to know the new honcho.

Collins already has it set in his mind what needs to be worked on and who needs to spoken to. He knows who will be fighting for what position. It has been awhile since Mets fans have had anything to get excited about. Year after year we are promised something new and exciting will happen.

Well, this year the fans have been promised nothing but fight. The Mets have given their fans little expectations. As a matter of fact, the fans have no expectations for their new 2011 team. With lack of major signings, they seem to think the Mets might not have what it takes. That’s fine. I think otherwise, but that is just me.

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