Frenchy Blames Citi Field For Hitting Woes

By / January 21, 2011 / 2010 Offseason, Media

Somebody is going to end up with a bloody lip. So former Mets favorite, Jeff Francoeur seems to think that it is because of the deep abyss known as the outfield at Citi Field, that he could not hit. And I quote courtesy of Rustin Dodd down in Kansas City:

Citi Field is a damn joke.

No, sir. “Citi Field is not a damn joke”. You are. You could not hit to save your life. Rather than blaming a ballpark for your performance issues, maybe you should be hitting the batting cages. Stop being a baby because you went from being with major league teams to the minor league team of Major League Baseball, the Kansas City Royals.

The Royals. Ha! Kansas City is where people go to start their careers or end it. Great job, Frenchy.

Here’s a thought for you. Not everybody can be a great hitter. I mean, you sucked in Atlanta, New York, and Arlington. Maybe it is not the ballpark. Maybe it is you. At least you are a great outfielder. Why could you not just leave it at that?

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Efrain Velazquez

It seems like somebody is bitter!!! I admit he had a great arm but that’s it. Oh well. You’re no longer a Met so GOOD RIDDANCE!!!


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