Bobby Valentine Directs Traffic In CT

By / January 27, 2011 / Media

It seems Bobby Valentine is a man of many talents. He played baseball. He managed various baseball teams. He is a bartender, or rather he soon will be. Now he is a traffic cop. At least he was at 3am this morning in Stamford, CT.

Sam Ryan at CBS NY tweeted:

Former Mets mgr Bobby Valentine was out directing traffic in Stamford, Ct this morning ..helping out in the storm!

Nice of him to help out in the snowstorm that has resulted in some of us not being able to get to work this morning. However, it was not so nice if you were on I-95 heading to CT. You would have been stuck out there for three to four hours. What did our beloved former manager have to say about it?

This has been a problem since early this morning. We don’t have enough men to close this ramp and try to get people to understand what they’re doing.

You’re a good man Bobby V. We miss you. Bobby V was named as Stamford’s Public Health and Safety Director earlier this year by Mayor Michael Pavia. So if you’re wondering what Bobby V is doing now that he is not managing, now you know. He is taking this job as a “very exciting challenge in my life”.

To watch video and read more, click here.

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