“Put Up or Shut Up” Says David Wright

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Hmm. That certainly sounds familiar. I’ve been saying that for how many seasons now? Over the past three years, the players of the New York Mets have done way too much talking and not enough action. Could this be the year where they actually shut up and put their millions where their mouths are?

Well, David Wright is clearly advocating for that. He recently told the New York Post:

Internally, the idea is that things haven’t gone the way that we’ve expected them to go now that I’ve been here seven years. It’s to the point now where you’ve got to put up or shut up.

Mr. Wright, that ship sailed a very long time ago. Where have you been? All this talk about “We’re the team to beat” and crap like that needs to go out the door. The time to “put up” has always been there. Unfortunately, every player on this team is so concerned about what is going on around them that they lose their focus and kind of forget that. This team starts off strong, but something always happens to cause them to fall.

Wright continued is little talk with:

We have to be a team on a mission, no question about it. We have a lot of guys who have to go out there and try to prove themselves this year.

In my mind, all of the players need to prove themselves. When all is said and done, this team is in financial trouble. So there is a potential for a fire sale, a la Forida Marilns, by the trade deadline if the Mets are not in contention. You cannot keep players you cannot afford to pay, right?

Nobody wants to hear how the players are feeling about their chances in 2011. The only thing the fans want, is to see some results. Talk is cheap fellas. The time is here to put up or shut up. I hope this means we can expect Wright and company to make the accurate throws to first base and hit some balls out of the park.

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Joey Torres

David Wright looks like he’s really ready tho take the next step toward finally becoming the leader the Mets need badly. Dude is even wearing a t-Shirt in camp the says “Wreck Havoc” and for my money that says a lot.


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