One More Reason To Hate Roger Clemens

By / February 12, 2011 / Media

Yesterday there was a charity event over in Connecticut held by the Connecticut Sports Foundation. Some former Mets were there including Benny Agbayani, Todd Zeile, Jay Payton, John Franco, Bobby Valentine, and David Cone.

However, probably the biggest news coming from the event was a disgusting quote by former Red Sox and Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens. The topic of the 2000 World Series and the bat incident with Mike Piazza arose. Here is what Clemens had the audacity to say:

I just remember my form being really good when I threw the bat. My form was impeccable. I fielded it perfectly. My arm angle when I whistled it on-deck was a little low.

This is not a joke. That whole incident was not a joke. I remember watching it on television and wanting Clemens’ blood spilled on that pitchers mound. Nothing would have made me happier, other than a Mets victory. Unfortunately that is not how it happened. Yet, how can someone joke about an incident that could have seriously hurt another player? I rather not think about what would have happened had that shard actually hit Piazza.

Here’s what writer D.J. Short had to say on Hardball about the comment:

Oh, wait.  You mean if your arm angle wasn’t so low you would have punctured Piazza with a broken bat shard? Nothing but class, this guy.

Seriously. Clemens is among the biggest jerks to have ever disgraced the game of baseball. I hope he is found guilty in his perjury trial and goes to jail.

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Joey Torres

I can go on record to say i’m not shocked by Clemens being stupid enough to say such a thing. I guess once a lowlife always a lowlife. Piazza on the other hand showed class by not killing Clemens right there and then when it happend, And to this day Mike Pizza continues to show class. Something Mr.Clemens will always lack. Put the bum in jail where he belongs.


Simple solution; let the legal process play out, let all other alleged PED users (including Barry Bonds) off, but put Clemens in the slammer for a long time.


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