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What does it take to be a Captain on a team? Leadership skills? Yes. Leading by example? Yes. Being convicted in what you believe? Yes. No fear? Yes. Having a set of cojones? Yes.

Now look at the New York Mets. Is there a single player on this team that exemplifies all of this? Not a bloody single one. Each player has at least one of these skills, but not all of the them.

People have been saying David Wright should be that player to become the Captain of this team. I have issues with this.

While he does own to his mistakes and talk to the media and blah, blah, blah, he is has become a little wishy-washy. I do not want a Derek Jeter type of captain. I do not want someone who is going to be diplomatic. You want to be diplomatic, go work for the American embassy or the United Nations.

Let me explain a little more before you decide to kill me. It was not that long ago that Wright said the team needs to “put up or shut up”. As a matter of fact, it was only earlier this week. Here’s what he told the New York Post:

Once you walk across these lines, it’s almost like a sanctuary. That’s one of the best things for me, to get back out on the baseball field. You don’t have to think about everything.

Now he tells’s Adam Rubin regarding the whole Wilpon situation:

I don’t think that you can sit here and say that it’s going to have no effect on the clubhouse when you’re talking about kind of the family…When something is going on with them, of course it’s going trickle down.

I understand it impacting the team. I also understand the whole being upfront on honest bit. With that said, I still think that they cannot allow it to be a distraction. Look, the Mets are going to be asked almost every day of this season about the Wilpon situation. They need to leave it alone. The players need to ignore what is going on. They are being paid to do a job. So do it. By making the above statement, he is already giving an excuse as to why the team will not be what it can be. He already set the team up for failure. A captain does not do that.

I’ve been in situations where a company I worked for went bankrupt and we needed a new owner. All of the employees talked about it. But once we were on the clock, we did our jobs so that we could attract new ownership. Just because you are a particular brand, does not mean you will be wanted. You have to attract the investors.

If everyone on this team is so concerned about what is happening, maybe they should go out and actually play ball so the fans have something to get excited about. Just because a new year is starting and baseball is about to go into full effect, this does not mean the fans will come to the ballpark. Wright needs to understand this and he needs to follow this. Right now he is sending mixed messages and that is not an option. That is also not the sign of a good leader.

Bottom line:

Why do the Mets even need a captain? They have only had three in their history: Keith Hernandez (1987-1989), Gary Carter (1988-1989), and John Franco (2001-2004). Notice how they were all captains after the World Series. Never during. It is not like the Mets need a captain to get to the World Series. They’ve done it without one. I think they need to leave the whole “captain” thing alone.

CFoD reader and VP of the Mets Booster club in PSL, Dora Licastri mentioned on the CFoD fanpage on Facebook that Collins said there will be no captain and that [Collins] will be the captain of this team. I agree with that and I’m so happy that he said it.

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Joey Torres

Yeah i gotta agree with you on this one, Before that quote to Adam Rubin i wanted DW to become the Captain. Now just let manager Terry Collins set the tone as captain, after all Collins plans on being first in the ballpark everyday. As soon as the first Mets player shows up at the ballpark..who’ll be there ? Collins that’s who ! Players see that. players respect that right ? Another sign of leadership from Collins is this quote on the Madoff mess “There are things that you cannot control. That’s one thing that the team can’t anything about, so we can’t worry about it.” So let’s not stress over who’s captain ok. Good job Tanya.


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