Covering The Bases: Jeff Assures Players, Donald Trump and Reyes

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I think I mentioned on this site last week that drama will reign supreme during spring training and the regular season.

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So is it really a shocker when headlines were about Donald Trump interested in a majority interest of this team? How about Jose Reyes and his contract? Bernie Madoff announcing the Wilpons know nothing?

We all knew this would happen. So let’s chat about some of these things and hopefully let it be the last time until a contract is signed by Reyes or some portion of the Mets was sold.

We’ll start with Trump. He does want to buy a portion of the Mets. Unfortunately, like Mark Cuban, he wants majority ownership. That is not going to happen as far as the Wilpons are concerned. They only want to sell 25 percent and they are sticking to it. So you can kiss that investor goodbye.

Trump never does anything halfway. He goes all in. Can you imagine him as principal owner of the Mets? Oliver Perez would probably walk into camp with Donald waiting there and hear “You’re Fired!” without even checking in to his room.

As for Reyes, Jeff Wilpon stated that the Mets have two different budget plans worked out with Sandy Alderson with Reyes in mind and with him gone. Do the Mets want to keep him? Yes. According to Wilpon, please take it with a grain of salt, Alderson has been given the green light to sign Reyes to an extension if Alderson feels it is in the best interest of this team.

I do not see how the Wilpons can continue to say their situation will not affect the club and be taken seriously. We’ll see what happens. As a matter of fact, according to the Mets website, Jeff was in Port St. Lucie to assure the players that nothing that is occurring will have an impact on this team. They should not concern themselves with it. Only with what they do on the field (something I have been preaching). After all, with everything going on, the Wilpons can very well order Alderson to have a fire sale should the team not be in contention by the All-Star break.

Now, Madoff speaking to the media to let everyone know the Wilpons had no idea of what was happening should have been a no-brainer. If the Wilpons had known, would they be in this situation? I would like to think the answer is a resounding, “no”. That would be criminal and I would wholeheartedly call for the sale of the team and imprisonment for all parties involved. My question would be why is that the elder Wilpon and Saul Katz knew and not anybody else? Why is Wilpon and Katz being attacked like they committed murder versus all of the other investors who made a profit? Should not the argument be that everyone who made money knew?

Okay enough of that. This whole mess gives me a migraine.

I think this whole situation will affect the club in more ways than finances. It will be emotionally draining on the players and employees of the New York Mets. Say what you want, but there is no way the Wilpons and company can continue with this ball club.

So what have we learned from the whole Madoff fiasco? If it looks to good to be true, it probably is. So question everything.

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Joey Torres

I’m 50/50 on Trump owning or getting a share of the Mets, It was Donald Trump who killed the USFL. Unless Trump learned alot form that mess then i’d rather he stay away. If lessons were learned and Mr.Trump understands his errors, then i hope he gets involved. I guess time will tell where the Wilpons will take things from Reyes to Trump.


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