Question of the Day: Most Intimidating Mets Player Is…?

By / February 20, 2011 / 2011 Season

There was an interesting question that CFoD reader Ray Kina brought up on the CFoD fan page on Facebook. It came up
after I posted the Terry Collins gangsta blog yesterday.

Well, Ray suggested I pose this question to the readers. Now Ray wanted the question to go to the guys. I, however, feel that the Mets have gotten so soft that even the ladies can take them down. This includes yours truly.

So the question of the day is:

Out of all the players on the 2011 New York Mets team, who would you be most intimidated by?

Personally, it would be anybody taller and stronger than me who can do real damage. Mike Pelfrey or Chris Young would get the height factor, but Francisco Rodriguez would get the bully factor. It is kind of hard to choose. I would be more afraid of a Latino player because I know the type of tempers they have. I would not mess with a Latino player. With the exception of Carlos Beltran. I would not be intimidated by him at all.

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Tanya Mercado

@Joey – Hahaha! Ike Davis with a beard? Seriously??? LOL

@Robert – Beltran is probably the least intimidating one. I would be intimidated by Rodriguez. But yet one stupid remark by him my set me off. So who knows. That could end in a draw. LOL


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