Beltran Making Move To Right Field

By / February 28, 2011 / 2011 Season, Press Conferences, Spring Training

After conversations with manager Terry Collins, Carlos Beltran is expected to announce his shift from center field to right field. While it seems this move was inevitable, it just seems a little awkward. No more stellar catches in center field by the three-time Gold Glove winner? Sacrilege to many, I can assure you. Especially to yours truly.

Despite knowing this would happen, many expected him to be the Opening Day center fielder because he is the more experienced veteran. After opening eyes last season as acting center fielder in Beltran’s absence last year, it seems Angel Pagan has inherited that position.

This is a smart move, especially so early into Spring Training. As I had mentioned in a previous blog, Beltran needed to make this decision now because he has not played right field since 2000 and that was only for three games. So he could use some time there now because he has to get acclimated to what will feel like a new position for him. He’ll definitely have his job cut out for him at Citi Field with the way the ball bounces around out there. This move will help to extend his career as well with that arthritic knee nagging him.

This just proves that he indeed has the best interest of the team at heart, unlike some players of whom I will not make mention of. The announcement is set to be made by Beltran and Collins later today.

So we bid adieu to the days of Number 15 taking that long stroll out to center. Instead, it will be a hop, skip and jump away (of which he should not try with that knee) from the dugout. We wish him as much success in right field as he has had in center.


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Mike S.

I think this is a great move. Carlos lost a step with all the injuries the past few seasons. Now Pagan gets the full time gig, much deserved, he showed us what he can do. Great blog you got here Tanya!

Tanya Mercado

Thank you Mike. Glad you could stop by. I am confident in Pagan. He’ll own center field. I think we have a solid outfield.

DyHrdMet – I loved what he said about players knowing their roles early. I hope Perez takes a lesson from this. lol


let’s hope that this sets an example of a player knowing what’s really best for the team, manning up, and making the call, and like he said, doing it early so that everyone can know their roles.


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