Valentine: Interested In Purchasing Mets

By / February 28, 2011 / 2011 Season, Media

Good morning, Mets fans and what a beautiful morning it is. Bobby Valentine, according to multiple news outlets like, is interested in buying a portion of the Mets. These reports have Valentine getting ready to line up all of his ducks in a row and make a bid having already talked to different groups about it.

Who better to have that portion than a non-money grubbing lover like Bobby V who actually has a passion for the New York Mets? Who would better to invest in a team than a person who has declined job offers in the majors, which is what he wanted when he left Japan, in hopes of coming back to the one team who still has his heart?

Can you say that about self-absorbed money fiends like Mark Cuban and Donald Trump? They may have the money, but certainly not the passion.

Bobby V had this to say:

I’ve talked to a number of people interested in purchasing part of the New York Mets, but I’m not formally with any group that is actively pursuing this venture.

This man is more than just a former manager. He has more than just a love for this team. He has a love for New York City and their Mets fans. Let’s get that straight: METS FANS!

Nothing would make me more happy than for Bobby V to come back home and help to get this club where it should be. He would definitely get things back on track with this team. There is no drama with Bobby V and there is no bad blood between him and the Wilpons. There is enough love there to possibly get this done. So here’s to having Bobby V back in Flushing and to hopes of his restaurant,” Bobby V’s” coming back too.

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Joey Torres

I had the pleasure of meeting Bobby.V a handful of times at my old job when Bobby.V was still Mets manager. Classy man and one of the nicest people i’ve ever met. Yes he does indeed have passion for the Mets and would love to help bring back a WS Trophy to flushing. I’m hoping this works out for Bobby.V and i know all other Mets fans are hoping for this too.


I would also love to see Bobby come back as part owner. He is brilliant when it comes to trouble shooting with pitchers. He reportedly helped Benetiez when he was tipping his pitches.


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