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It can always be said that fans of the New York Mets truly live and die not just for the team, but with them. There is a special bond between the fans and the organization. They truly are a family. We suffer together. We celebrate together. We cry together. I can sit here and say that it is unique, but it probably is not among other fan bases like the Chicago Cubs fan base or the Boston Red Sox fan base.

Myself and others can only speak for ourselves when I say that being a fan of the New York Mets has indeed had a tremendous impact on our lives. Some stories are personal, like some of  mine, and others are family inspired. This organization has indeed brought people together in ways that probably never would have happened had the team not existed.

This is something that I am going to be featuring on the site at least once a month. I will have you, the fans, tell your stories of how the New York Mets have impacted you lives. If you want your story told, you can contact me. All of my contact information is on the right hand side of the site under “Contact Me” I will email you back. Some of you I know have great stories and I will be messaging you about them.

Dora and Larry next to their brick at Citi Field

The first impact will not be mine, but that of Dora and Larry Licastri of Port St. Lucie, FL. Dora is actually the vice-president of the Mets Booster Club down in Port St. Lucie. We’ll talk more about that later. Here is their story in the words of Dora. My comments will be in italics.

My grandparents and myself were new immigrants from Holland to this country in the late fifties. My mother went back to Holland to marry my father and after I came along, they moved to the US. When the Mets became a new team, my grandfather decided that since he was new and the Mets were new, he woud be a Mets fan. So, I grew up watching baseball with him.

I was one of three girls in my family and the only one who got into baseball. I still remember Friday night sleepovers at my grandparent’s and looking forward to watching Kiner’s Korner at the end of the game. My father and grandfather even took me to a game once, in Philly, because they didn’t want to drive to New York.

I met Larry while in high school and we were just casual friends. He met up with me one day and talked about Mets opening day coming up. We discovered we were both Mets fans. Larry grew up with Yankee fans so who knows why he was a Mets fan. So, I cut school (we lived in Toms River, NJ) to go to New York. We made it to Shea, walked right up to the ticket window and got tickets for the game. Jerry Koosman pitched that day and we actually won! It was Jerry’s last year. This was 1978! I don’t think you were born yet. LOL! (I really wasn’t. At least not until 1979. lol)

Well, that was our first date. We have been together ever since! We got married about a year and a half later and moved to Florida. We were already living in Port St Lucie when the Mets came here for Spring Training! So you know we were just meant to be! (That really is amazing. I mean what more do you need to tell you that?) I work for an orthopedic practice and we are the Florida team physicians for the Mets so how’s that for more karma? Larry’s company has advertised at the stadium for the past couple of years (watch for his Coast Gas ad under the scoreboard) and we’ve been Booster Club members for only about four years.

So, our intense involvement with the Mets is somewhat recent. However, always a true fan!

Talk about impact. These two had, not just the stars aligned for them, but the entire universe. This happy couple has been married for over 25 years now. I have been friends with them on Facebook for a couple of years and I can see the passion that they have for the Mets and for each other. They are a real couple who truly takes “enjoying each other’s company” to a whole new level. When the quote was written “A family who plays together, stays together”, they were definitely talking about them.

Great story, Dora. Thanks for sharing it.

If you are interested in telling your story, go ahead and let me know. I would definitely love to feature it.

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Joey Torres

Nice story on how the Mets brought Dora and larry together. I can understand where they’re coming from with their love for the Mets, because like them if not for the Mets i would not have that someone in my life who is everything to me. Lets Go Mets !


This is a great story! My husband and I are also friends with Dora and Larry on facebook. I will try and contact you with my story if I can find your email.


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