Castillo Gets Released. Bitterness Will Prevail.

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The whooping and hollering you now here are not continuous celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day. Those people are waking up with hangovers and are moaning in pain. It is in fact the fans of the New York Mets celebrating over the release of the second most hated Mets, Luis Castillo.

While everyone seems to think it is wonderful, remember, the Mets are still paying him $6 million. It is not like they are saving money on the payroll. However, sometimes you have to eat up money in order to do what is best for the team. Omar Minaya was not able to do this. So GM Sandy Alderson proved he has a set of cojones and did what nobody else seemed willing to do.

One interesting quote from Newsday by the former Mets secondbaseman to Mets management during the meeting:

I came here to play and you didn’t give me the chance. You didn’t use me.

How can he seriously say that? He had his chances. I will say this. I do think Alderson came in with cutting Castillo already on his list of things to do. He was just bidding his time in hopes of a chance to attack. He felt he had it and took it. One of the things Alderson made sure to say was the bad blood between the fans and Castillo played a factor in the decision.

Castillo went on to say:

I’m going to wait, go home and hope to catch on with another team.

Anybody want to place bets he’ll go to the Philadelphia Phillies and kill the Mets? I mean, Chase Utley is having health issues with his knees. If another team does pick him up and he is in the National League, he will have a chip on his shoulder for the Mets and he will kill them just like most players who leave the Mets.

This seems to have impacted Jose Reyes who says he is best friends with Castillo. Here is what he had to say to New York Daily News:

I’m surprised a little bit, because he was playing good baseball.

It’s going to be good for him probably.  Last year was kind of difficult for him.

He just went home.  He felt bad….The energy level was kind of down, because of all the speculation about what was going to happen to him. It got in his head.  I wanted to help him out, because it’s tough on the field when all that stuff is in your head.

Bad energy or bad feelings will always get into somebody’s head. With that said, in the game of baseball, you have to be able to get rid of that and focus on the task at hand. The fact that Castillo knew he had to compete for a job was apparently too much for him, but he was not the only one competing. Most people would use that as a motivator. Castillo used it to kill his career with the Mets.

I will say I do wish  him well wherever he goes as long as it is not against the Mets. I’m holding my big celebratory bash for the release of Oliver Perez.

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