Castillo To Phillies Possible

By / March 20, 2011 / 2011 Season, Spring Training

Castillo to Mets: You will pay!

Who can honestly say they did not see this coming? Upon the release of Luis Castillo on Friday, jokes were rampant about him joining the Philadelphia Phillies. However, who really thought it would happen?

Well, according to Adam Rubin over ESPN New York, Castillo could be set to sign the NL East rivals.

For the Phillies to even consider this, Chase Utley must be in pretty bad shape. If the Phillies wanted to stick it to the New York Mets, they found the perfect way to do it. What better way than to take the hate second baseman and make the Mets pay for him? The Phillies will only be require to pay the league minimum.

Castillo will make the Mets pay dearly for what he feels was mistreatment for him. Revenge will be his motivation.

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