Perez Out Of Flushing. Could Remain In New York?

By / March 21, 2011 / 2011 Season, Media, Spring Training

In case you have not heard, Oliver Perez has been cut from the New York Mets. It happened at around 8am this morning while half of you were on the train on your way to work. So that would be why you heard all in Mets fandom whooping and hollering all over New York City and the rest of the nation.

Well, just because he is out of Flushing, does not mean he is completely out of New York City. He just might sticking around thank to the New York Yankees. I assure you this does not make me happy. He is the last person I want in my borough. It is bad enough I have the Skanks here.

Here’s the deal. Just like Chase Utley has been having some knee issues over in Philly, the Yankees have been having some problems with Pedro Feliciano with his arm and Boone Logan with his back. So, according Jon Heyman, the Yanks were actually considering the degenerating lefty as a precautionary measure. Just like Luis Castillo is for the Phillies.

What the Yankees do not seem to realize is that Perez will not accept a minor league assignment, which is what he would surely get, just like Castillo. He would have to be with the major league ballclub. Heyman did mention that GM Brian Cashman would not be “enthused” by the idea. Common sense dictates if you are “not enthused” by something, then you do not do it. I mean, that sounds logical to me.

With all of that said, I would be very surprised to see Perez in the Bronx. Heyman should be sued for slander. Putting Cashman’s name with Ollie’s is like calling him an outright jackass.

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