Beltran: Determination and Optimism Pays Off

By / March 28, 2011 / 2011 Season, Injuries, Spring Training

It started with questions and continued with pain. It ended with a decision. New York Mets new right fielder Carlos Beltran has gone through so much the past two years. From pain in his right knee, to near career-ending surgery, to a career-changing decision, Beltran has been through it all.

Spring training alone has shown just what type of a man we have in Beltran. Now the season will to determine just what type of an outfielder we have. Right field in Citi Field is not an easy position to play. Even more difficult with an inexperienced right fielder. Yet for a hard working and highly experience center fielder like Beltran, adjustments should not be too difficult.

Beltran agonized over the decision of whether or not to change positions from center field to right field. It came down to what was best for the team and his career. This was it. He knew what the Mets had with Angel Pagan. There was no question Pagan could handle center field. The Mets needed the best. Beltran gave them the best available to them. He took two steps to the right in hopes he can also extend his career.

So the new right fielder has had some problems with his left knee due to pressure he was putting on it. It is only natural to favor the injured part, which is what he did. A cortisone shot relieved the pain. So now Beltran is looking towards Opening Day with complete optimism after going 2-for-5 against the Cardinals in his minor league appearance yesterday.

When asked about the potential to start on Opening Day against the Florida Marlins on Friday, Beltran had this to say:

Why is it not possible? I’m feeling good.

“Feeling good” is key for this Mets team who has not been able to do that for about three years now. However, so is determination and optimism. Beltran has certainly showed just how determined he is to be a part of the team, but also for the team to succeed in a season that has surprising question marks with other teams like the Philadelphia Phillies. As for optimism, he is carrying that straight into the new season:

I know people are saying they are not counting on the Mets to win anything this year, but we’re going to try to take the negative and turn it into a positive and come to the ballpark every day and play the game hard and see what we’re capable of doing.

Some Mets fans are going into the season with cautious optimism. There is nobody here who can really blame them either. They have been through a lot. However, Mets fans have to feel good about the direction this team is going in. Whether you want to believe or not, this team is something to be optimistic about.

At least, that is what Beltran believes.

If we stay healthy as a team, we’re going to surprise a lot of teams.

Determination and optimism also helps.

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