Feliciano: Mets Reason For DL Stint

By / March 28, 2011 / 2011 Season, Injuries, Spring Training

Former Mets reliever and LOOGY, Pedro Feliciano, is set to start his Yankee career on the disabled list. He can thank his tenure with the New York Mets under former manager, Jerry Manuel, for this.

It is no secret that Manuel most certainly wore out his bullpen. Any iota of trouble his starters would show, he would pull them and bring in someone from the bullpen. Feliciano was among these individuals having pitched in 88 games in 2009 and 92 games in 2010. Everyone knows that Feliciano was only supposed to be the lefty specialist. Manuel felt otherwise and used him in all situations.

Now Feliciano is feeling the wear and tear he has had to endure. A triceps injury will keep him in Tampa for extended spring training.

Could it be that Mets General Manager, Sandy Alderson, actually did the Mets a favor in letting him walk? Quite possible. He never went to the disabled list before.

Will Feliciano still be effective for the New York Yankees like he was for the New York Mets? A fair question that just might be answered “no”. A rubber arm, he does not have. We all know how Yankees manager, Joe Girardi, loves to use his bullpen.

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