Collins Sends Fans An Open Letter As Well

By / April 1, 2011 / 2011 Season, Media

Today seems to be a day of sending letters to the New York Mets fan base. Terry Collins has written one as well. The difference between mine and his is that he assures the fans of what they can expect to see from the 2011 team. Among these promises are hustling around the bases and playing the game the right way.

Mine called out Mets fans and told them to believe.

The interesting comment is the one he mentions of telling the team to look ahead rather than at the past. He should ask the fans to do that as well. They are notorious for looking at what has transpired rather than at what could be.

He speaks about the classy ways of Carlos Beltran and additions to the bullpen. This man is definitely excited to get this season underway. Collins believes in this team. He believes that his players are capable of standing toe-to-toe with any other team in the majors. With every reason.

What Mets fans fail to realize is that every game is played on the field and not on a scrap of paper. Injuries happen. Trades happen. The baseball season is not a sprint. It is not played for only 16 weeks. It is a marathon. It is a beast of a season. There are 162 games of hitting, pitching, running, sliding, catching, fielding and even fighting. This is what the 2011 Mets are capable of doing.

To read the entire letter, click here.

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