Dear Mets Fans. Here Is Your Wake Up Call.

Dear New York Mets Fans,

The 2011 season is about to commence. Before it does, I would like to have a nice little conversation with you. With Opening Day mere hours away from us, I would like to request a favor.

Do you think you can be a little optimistic and cut the “woe-is-us” crap? I think it is a reasonable request.

Opening Day brings with it a new lease on the life of a baseball team that you claim to love. Oh how many times I have heard “I bleed orange and blue”, but more like you bleed yellow because when the going gets tough, you usually get going. Sad? Why yes it is!

What happened to loving the sound of the crack of the bat or a fastball hitting a catcher’s mitt while the batter swings and misses? Whatever happened to going to a baseball game to spend time with the kids or with your baseball family?

Long summer days and nights spent at the ballpark used to be our greatest pasttime and never giving up on your team. Instead, it is time at your place watching the game and changing channels when the Mets are three runs behind.

There was a time when Mets fans would stay at the ballpark to the very end because they truly felt the Mets would find a way to come back. There was always that optimism. There was always the spirit of Tug McGraw and his “Ya Gotta Believe” chant floating through the rafters of Shea Stadium.

Mets fans, you have lost the ability to believe.

Although our beloved Shea Stadium is gone, that spirit never should be gone with it. It should have carried over to Citi Field. You left it behind and was carried off with the rest of Shea’s rubble.

So here it is. Here is your wake up call.

Mets fans, I do not care how mad as hell you are. The New York Mets are your team. You chose to root for them. You claim to bleed orange and blue. Now it is time for YOU to actually put up or shut up. You either root, root, root for your Metsies or find another team. You don’t want to hear excuses? How about you stop making some yourselves? Gosh! There’s a thought.

I want to hear you scream it loud and proud:


This is a new year. There is a new regime running this show. They have already begun to prove that you can believe in the front office with the release Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez. Every player is on notice. Nobody fears the players. We are in the time where the players will fear management. They will perform or suffer the consequences.

Mets fans, now is the time to wake up the spirit of McGraw and believe. You were always known for believing until the very last day of the season. It is time you started believing again. If Tug were alive, his heart would be broken at the way you have lost your way. You want this team to perform, then you have to believe in them the same way Tug believed in his ’73 team. It does carry over.

So with the New York Mets 2011 season set to start at 7:10 pm tonight down in Florida, I want you all to find your inner McGraw. Awaken the dormant passion that is there deep down inside of you. It is a new season. Anything can happen. Remember, stars do not always bring championships. The game has to be played on the field. So bring it!


Tanya Mercado

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Jim Flaherty

Tanya, Perfectly said. That’s the spirit of true Mets Fans and the spirit of Opening Day. I’ll have to follow you now on Twitter.


Jim Flaherty

You just got me even more psyched for the game in about 60 minutes!!!

Tanya Mercado

Thanks Jim. I just thought it was time to call the fans out since they have no problem calling out everybody else. lol I am so amped up for this season. I think they will truly be a different team. They will show the passion and perform to the best they can. Glad to have you aboard and following me on Twitter. LGM!


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